Casual encounters became mainstream with Craigslist. With digital space beside garage sale ads and apartment rentals, no-strings-attached hookups were easy to access.

With a casual encounter, you hang out with someone for a one-night stand or casual sex. The basic format of Craigslist made it easy to find potential partners. Based on your location, several options were available. Women seeking women, men seeking men or couples seeking couples were at your fingertips. Hookup options surfaced on a daily – or nightly – basis. It was easy to locate your next sexual partner.

Access to a score of possibilities made it easier to plan the other details of the casual encounter. Picking a safe meeting place and the types of sex allowed for the hookup helped weed out incompatible first passes. With the removal of personal ads from Craigslist, finding a new home for hot singles requires new hookup websites and apps. New site is ready to help fill the void.

New ways to find casual encounters and more

After Craiglist helped popularize easy access to willing hookups, other sites followed. While sites like Tinder focus on dating, several websites help find steamy hookups. Instead of writing a personal ad for the casual encounter page, create a profile and explain what you want.

A frequent problem is the lack of opportunity to openly explore hookups beyond a person-to-person encounter. Craigslist provided access to both straight and gay and lesbian pairings while paving the way for group sex hookups. While some sites explore more amorous adventures, others remain stuck on traditional coupling.

Benefits of casual encounters alternatives

One benefit of modern alternatives like Kinkyads to Craigslist’s personal ads is the ability to access more authentic matches. Any person or bot can create a Craigslist account and place an ad without identity verification.

A problem surfaced of people posing as the opposite gender and placing ads for hookups without posting in the right category. When a person replied, a hard sell approach for hooking up was often used with promises of oral sex. For those uninterested in gay or lesbian relationships, the bait-and-switch threat was real. Exposure to catfishing attempts was a constant threat.

Problems with casual encounters

In catfishing, a person poses with a fake identity while seeking a casual encounter. Poses take the form of gender switching or using profile photographs and videos of a better-looking person. When the people meet, the poser attempts to lure the hot-and-bothered responder into the new sex situation. In some instances, catfishers never intend to meet up. Instead, they get off on setting up the one-night stand.

Many newer sites focused on carrying Craigslist casual encounters forward take steps to limit catfishing. Some verify identities while others review profiles. This helps strengthen safety for members looking for hookups such ask kinkyads who verifies each members physical cell phone number not a virtual number such as google voice, or text free.

Casual encounters and hookers

Another common problem found on casual encounter websites is prostitutes posing as ordinary people looking for sex with a stranger. After a person is ready to go, the money terms are introduced. In other instances, the responder realizes the profile holder wants money in exchange for sex. However, they may not have fully considered the legal consequences of offering money.

Additional review of profiles on sites helps limit prostitution among fans of casual sex.

What are my options to find casual encounters now?

With Craigslist personal ads and casual encounters vaporizing, you need to find a new home for hookups. A variety of apps and members-only websites exist to fill the niche. Consider shopping around before settling on a new favorite or two.

The home page – A place for casual encounters

Designed by kinksters for kinksters, features a variety of city, state options. Select your location and start finding matches. The site design is easy to follow and classified listing friendly.

A simple photo and ad copy helps you connect with local hookups. The format is very similar to Craigslist with easy upload buttons and a basic layout made for desktop or mobile scrolling. You do not need high-tech abilities to use the site, and it operates easily from your mobile phone.

Unlike many other options, Kinkyads features single partner and multi-partner pairings. If your preferred hookup is an orgy, has your back.

The website does prohibit soliciting for prostitutes or offering paid services. In other words, upload a photo and get clicking to find your next free sex partner. The site also has over 12 major features craigslist never offered to make your experience even more fun.


Tinder, a hookup site limited on hookup options

While it is possible to use Tinder to acquire hookups and one-night stands, more serious daters rely on their services. Unless you want a recurring booty call or maybe more, consider these options as a last resort.

Don’t let the loss of Craigslist casual encounters get you or your sex drive down. offers a variety of new options for finding your next hookup. Get ready to put the phone or mouse down while you hit the sack with a new girl, guy or both.


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