How to find your first casual encounter?

Casual sex

So what is it about the Casual Encounter, and why are so many people drawn to it? Why do so many people keep this hidden part of their life in the closet? Well, Casual Encounters have been around for decades. Before the internet, there were stories of the milkman, and they are 100% true.

There was no real name Casual Encounters until Craigslist personals labeled it Casual Encounters, and the rest is history. Casual Encounters then started to blow up with the internet providing people fast and easy ways to find their next hook-ups. Even today, it has made its way to main stream tv. There are shows about Casual Encounters, hook-ups, swingers is has made for some good tv, and the ratings support it because people want to know.

Then the people going to work the next day will say things to their friends like, hey betty, did watch that show about Craigslist Casual Encounter?. It’s them talking about the show but prying to see how their friends see it. If they find it exciting and are drawn to it, all across American, you now see a woman talking about these shows that promote sex with strangers, and the woman talk about it like the bachelor.  

Casual Encounter are seen in all aspects, from men seeking women, woman seeking woman

Men seeking men and, couples seeking couples. Over the last few years, one of the most searched words were Casual Encounters near me. This is a term people would use to find local hook-ups in their area.  

In most major cities, you will find places people go to in order to have their Casual encounters, here are a few things people like to do when having a Casual Encounter.

Swingers Clubs – At a swingers club, couples would go to meet other couples to swap partners and enjoy each other. Most swingers have said they also use to use the craigslist casual encounter section to seek their mates by posting an ad on the site to find their next hook-up. Or when out of town, they would post on Craigslist to find something for the night.

Adult Arcades – I personally have been to a few arcades, and I have seen about 99% men and 1% woman. The woman would go with her male friend or husband to play. Most arcades have glory holes in the back of the arcade in the booths where people can have sex between booths. These people would just walk-in and do it or would post in the Craigslist Casual Encounters section to try to attract more people or more attractive people.

Bathhouse – A bathhouse is a spa mostly for men. Men can go here and be completely naked and walk through the facility. Men also are allowed to engage in sexual activities in these locations with each other. This is a hot spot for single men and married men alike.

Again men would post on Casual Encounter websites to let people know they were going to try to increase their selections.

Another section that was used on Craigslist was the Craigslist Personals / Casual Encounters is a cuckold. This is where people would place ads on Craigslist for a man to come over and have sex with the wife as the husband watches.  

With all these terms, it’s obvious that casual sex is on the rise in America.  

So with the closure of the Craigslist Casual Encounters section, and the fact that we are now in the Sexual hook-up culture, where do people go to find their next encounters?

It does not matter what you call it. Casual Encounters, hook-ups, flings, etc. It’s all the same. 

There is a bunch of sites that welcome new members to match you up with others, just like the site you are on now. Kinkyads, there are apps like tinder that people refer to as a hookup app. If you go to google and search the term Casual Encounters or Casual Encounters near me, you are sure to find something to get into in order to find locals who are willing to play with a stranger.

Do casual encounters benefit marriages or hurt them?

We did a survey of people from Craigslist and at some swingers clubs. What we have learned is that people who are into the lifestyle are more honest with their partner. They don’t hide things, and they have rules. No love, no overnights, etc. Most couples say it has made their sex life with their spouse 10x’s better. Most will say they use their experiences as pillow talk when with their spouse. My friend is into this lifestyle as well, and he said he loves it when his wife has sex with other men. She uses to post ads in the Casual Encounter section, and she met some nice men to have sex with and met some she would not invite over again.

In talking to her, she said when she is seeking a casual encounter, she would search the replies from craigslist and find one or two who she wanted to come over and have sex with her. She would get showered and shave as she got ready for her guest and a few glasses of wine would help calm her down and always at night when the lights are very low.

When the person would come over, her husband would open the door to meet and greet the person. Go over any additional rules that were not communicated before he got there and take him upstairs and make the introduction. He would then be asked to wash his hands, and if he did not look clean or smelled nice, he would be asked to leave. They said they made it clear that it is a must when talking to people on craigslist.

At that time, the husband would go downstairs and close over the door. About 15 min later, the wife would start moaning. This sexual encounter would last about 30 min to 1 hour. At that time, the person would then leave, and the Casual Encounter would be complete. Her husband would 99% of the time go upstairs to have sex with his wife as he would want to reclaim her body as he was turned on. 

In talking to her, she thinks she has had about 30 Casual Encounters, and out of that, only one person came close to giving her an orgasm. Every person had a condom except one person who was a regular and one the condom broke, and he had cum inside of her.

After talking more about this, they both said they have used the experiences they got from the Craigslist Casual Encounter section to make their sex life stronger and more exciting.  

In closing, we asked what you would say to someone who is looking to get into the Casual Encounter world?

They both said first is to be 100% honest. If your husband wants to suck a cock, then let him tell you and accept it. If he wants a man to have sex with you, or you have sex with a man, tell your husband, but it can’t be for anything more than an attraction. 

After each experience, we would talk about it. It would look at him to see if he was ok. When we first started, he would want to watch me, but it was hard on me to perform with him watching, so he left the room so I could be alone with the man to have sex with. This took a huge amount of trust, but we both agreed; if there are feelings that are starting to form, we leave that person. That is why we don’t do all the dating and dinner or overnights. We do have rules in place, and that is to protect our marriage. If you head down this path, and you are a jealous person, this will be extremely hard for you to overcome, and I would say you might want to stay away. A Casual Encounter is just that a casual encounter and nothing more.  

In talking to couples while studies show it can help a relationship as there is no more need to hide what you want or who you want to play with, for people who have no rules or don’t follow the rules have caused divorces. Yes, part of the attraction in having a casual encounter with someone is the fact that you are playing with fire. The forbidden fruit, walking the line. Yes, it can be very tempting with the new person you are having sex with. Never forget that your spouse gave you this, so don’t mess it up as he or she can yank it just as fast as you earned it.

Casual Encounters are here to stay and will be growing with no slowdown any time soon. It can be amazing for the people who can handle it, but do recognize to practice safe sex with someone you don’t know. The more sex you have with people and are not protected, the more you increase your risk.  

Top 5 sites to find a Casual Encounters:


2. Tinder

3. Adult friend finder

4. POF

5. Eharmony 

Most women I have talked to say the fantasy is greater in their heads. Guys, if you are planning on hooking up for a casual encounter with a woman, follow the simple rules.

1.  Bring condoms
2.  Shower before you go
3.  Cologne
4.  Brush your teeth and have mints
5.  Be respectful and courteous 

Never forget, you were picked for the Casual Encounter for a reason. With thousands of people seeking to have a Casual Encounter each day, you won. Now that you got selected. It’s much is easier to make it a positive experience for her and have her invite you back again then to mess it up and have her delete your emails going forward. If you are also into to snapchat, then you might want to see how snapchat has become 


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