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How I gave masturbation the finger…

I am just now escaping a long-term marriage. At the end of my marriage was a complete lack of a satisfying sexual relationship with my husband. As we plodded to this unsatisfying climax, it had already been over six months since we had anything approaching good sex. When I told my husband I wanted the divorce, naturally the tension and animosity at home worsened. We began sleeping in separate bedrooms.

As a consequence, I found some relief in frequent masturbation. I fanaticized more and more over seeking out other men.

One night, I viewed a trailer on the hilarious movie Casual Encounters. I was especially intrigued, and after watching the movie I knew I was hooked. I had been there in my imagination, but hadn’t done any of that. In fact, I began having dreams about meeting other sexual partners and would frequently masturbate in the middle of the night.

So, over the next few days I did some serious research. Was the concept of casual encounters even a thing? Or was it just a laugh-a-minute movie?

After posting a question on Reddit about where do people go to seek casual sex, the most common response was Craigslist. That’s the place for casual hookups.

On Craigslist I saw lots of ads and some intriguing images. The comments in the ads were both provocative and titillating—so much so that for the next two nights I nearly rubbed myself raw thinking about all that casual sex out there.

How I faked it with fake bait and got tons of bites

I decided to post on Craigslist, but didn’t want disclose my true identity. After all, my soon-to-be-ex’s divorce lawyers would crucify me in court and during the child custody hearings if they knew. Besides, it’s easy to sign up for a fake Gmail account, find a stock picture of sexy legs on Google, and head for the Craigslist personal ads section. (By the way, this was before Craigslist did away with the personal hookups service.)

When I got on Craigslist, I recall nervously hovering my cursor over the submit button after entering a bogus name and email address. The message in my ad, however, was the pristine truth: “41-year-old woman going through a divorce wants to find someone who is nice to have a casual encounter.”

I figured that lure was a winner, but after waiting 10 minutes, no responses showed up. I left my computer to get something to eat. When I returned, I was excited to see a full inbox with offers, propositions, as well as rather gross pictures of hairy penises. (Why some men think that displaying their genitals online is a turn-on for women is beyond me.)

Anyway, inbox was jammed with messages from over 150 men seeking “an open-minded woman” like me. It was likewise astonishing to me that so many men sought sexual activity through a quick hookup with a stranger without even knowing what she looked like. For all they knew, I could have had a face that would make a freight train take a dirt road!

So, I started replying to some of the more promising emails. The rest were either dumb or downright rude. For those who did the flasher routine, I just hit the delete button. No thanks.

The Casual Encounter Journey Begins

I was kind of operating in a vacuum at this point. I wanted to tell my female co-worker about all this and seek her advice and opinion. I just wasn’t sure what she would say. I anticipated her negative reaction, somewhere along the lines of, “Are you nuts? You want to have sex with a stranger?!” So, I chickened out and pecked ahead on my own.

What I did next was begin email conversations with three guys who seemed nice. Then we moved to texting. My first questions were along the lines of why they were using a hook-up app. Their answers were uniformly, “To meet people, of course! Duh.”

As I got more comfortable over the next few days, we began texting more, but I did not show my face. However, my new text friends sent their photos repeatedly, to maybe get me turned on. (It worked.)

The questions my new friends asked me were pretty standard. A few were amusing, like was I a sex worker, and what was I doing on Craigslist and not on a dating site. My answer to the second question seemed to remove lots of barriers and posing? I told them I was not ready for a dating experience. I just wanted to find a no-strings-attached hookup situation.

So, once you tell someone you’re seeking casual dating, they drop the strutting and posing. They don’t feel the need to preen, pose and try so hard if they know that all I want is sex. There seems to be something more primal and basic in the knowledge that just lusting after a person is the biggest turn-on for most of us.

So, during this this “recruitment” phase, I emailed lots of prospects from my full inbox of men who wanted to play. Nevertheless, I always returned to the three I started texting. I figured they were keepers.

Nice guys finish first: The meeting

No pun intended, but I think I got lucky. I chose three nice men. They each heard my story and had no problem taking it slow.

I met the first person on a Friday night at a bar in Denver. Talk about nervous! I thought I was going to hurl and cancel the meetup. Just to warm up my cold feet I called him on the phone and spoke to him one last time. He was so nice, so I said, “What the hell. Go for it, girl!”

We met for drinks. It was so exciting and my heart beat faster than it had in years. He dressed neatly, smelled nice, and was good-looking to boot. We talked for almost three hours and left. We kissed goodbye and he asked me out again. I agreed.

Later that same week I meet with the other two men. I figured that the first meeting went well, so why not? Unfortunately, the second person told me he was married. His wife was unaware of his fooling around, so I canceled. I knew how I would feel if I found out my spouse was cheating. My married friend said he understand, and we broke it off.

Craigslist guy number 3 also turned out to be married. But there was twist. When we met in the bar and I told him I wasn’t into married guys, he handed me his phone and let me speak to his wife. What was I supposed to say, “I want to bang your husband”? However, she said it was okay with her husband having one-night stands with no long-term relationship strings attached.

I talked to the wife for about five minutes. After the call we continued the meeting with her husband and ended it with a kiss. I wasn’t totally convinced, so I asked him for his wife’s phone number. He said it was fine with him if I called her again.

So, two of the meetings had very nice outcomes. The first guy I met has been my casual sex partner for nearly a year now. The second married cheater moved on to other prospects, and I haven’t spoken to him since. The third man and I are good friends, but get this: I have been having sex with his wife for nearly six months now! (How’s that for casual encounters!)

So, my amazing journey that began with Craigslist continues here on Kinkyads and other sites. My divorce is now final, and I am back on the dating scene using dating apps. Of course, from time to time I love to seek casual encounters with a like-minded man. (The next thing I want to try is the anonymity of a glory hole. That should be great fun to set up!)

A word from Kinkyads

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